Moon in Gemini

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“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carrey

Childhood and Emotional Responses

Gemini is a mutable air sign, symbolized by the Twins. Its reputation for being two-faced is often a misinterpretation of its indecisive nature. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini moons are constantly absorbing information before reaching any decision. Often, Gemini moon natives grow up with many siblings and very often, they are not the oldest child, so they learn to adapt to watch, observe, and adapt instead of initiating. Another equally probable scenario is when natives of this lunar placement grow up as the only child, often left to their own devices, so they learn to have conversations in their head to figure out what is going on within their environment. Gemini moon or IC natives tend to see their family environment as constantly changing with too many things occurring at once that they often feel like they need to be on their toes; the family might move often and the mother might be experienced as someone who was an intermittent part of the native life. These reasons are partially accountable for their tendency to not commit easily as adults.

One’s moon placement does not only reflect one’s upbringing, but also one’s emotional nature. Gemini moons do not trust others easily; they are always interested in figuring people out via conversations and facts before deciding a course of action. They are aware others may lie or cheat, and they are aware of their own nature to overthink and make last-minute decisions, so they learn to be quick witted, to change a subject quickly, to entertain good conversations to buy time.

Mercury is the trickster and Gemini moons are always up for pranks, dark jokes, stirring up the pot just to see how others react. They are always quick to point others to another direction so they can escape troubles unscathed. In intense situations, they would lighten up the room by cracking a joke and starting conversations. However, when it comes to more challenging phases of their life, Gemini moons can also become introverted, spending time alone to reflect and analyze and as one logical clue leads to another, they can imagine the worst scenarios, becoming anxious and depressive for a long period of time until they can find a “logical” way out.


Gemini moons love learning and trying new things. They tend to do very well in creative writing and performance due to their quick-witted nature. Due to their indecisive nature, they tend to try several different things before settling on one main career that also gives them the freedom to expand and explore other occupational options. They are easily bored so even if they settle for one career, eventually they will start expanding themselves to other options.


Gemini is never sure and is always bored. Gemini placements always imply a level of curiosity, a constant questioning and juxtaposing different pieces of information. When it comes to relationships, this moon placement is dynamic, fun and attentive. However, these natives take a long time to settle. What they are looking for is someone who embodies the final truth (Sagittarius), freedom and expansion. They know they are sacrificing many other options for the chosen one, so they need to be sure that the person they eventually settle down with will keep life fun, free, and expansive.


Gemini moons, depending on the chart, can express their anger in two main ways: they either express their disagreement briefly and disappear, mulling and analyzing everything or they start arguing, even throwing unrelated facts to confuse their opponent. Either way, the Gemini moons in question are not sure yet why they are angry, so they start mentioning things you do that make them angry, or divert your attention elsewhere while they are figuring out exactly why they are angry in the first place, or whether it is worth it to be angry at all. Once they work it through, either they walk away and you will never hear from them again, or more often than not, they will come back and crack a joke and lighten the mood, perhaps even explaining why they were angry and why they are not anymore.

Moon in Taurus

“All Things in Balance” by TehStr4ngeOnes

“I always think part of success is being able to replicate results, taking what is interesting or viable about yourself as a professional person and seeing if you bring it into different situations with similar results.” – Robert Downey, Jr.

Childhood and Emotional Responses

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. When the moon is placed here, the emotional tides are stabilized by a grounded, methodological approach. The key word here is consistency.

Lunar Taureans often grow up in a stable, traditional home life. The mother and the family in general err on the conservative side. The mothers might stay at home to care for the children, or take on a more docile role. It is very common for Lunar Taureans to grow up in the suburbs, or places where there’s less hassling and hustling. The family absorbs changes slowly, so do Taurus moon natives.

One’s moon sign does not only reflect one’s upbringing, but also one’s emotional nature. A Taurus moon wants to take time to process their feelings, evaluate options, examine carefully before committing to any action. Those natives want to radiate self-worth and values, and believe they deserve comfort and valuable things. So the when a Taurus moon interacts with others, they want to be pleasant and comforting.

When there is a challenge, their first response is to evaluate. In extreme situations, they might shut down and process. Once they have taken their time to understand an event or a challenge, they will have an emotional response. Everything this moon invests in will be completely worth it, because their five senses have contextualized what an item, a project, or a person is made of. Whether it is sadness or anger or happiness, they have pinpointed why such response was prompted and they will take their time in evaluating which actions they should take to reestablish their comfort zone.

There is, due to close examination of a subject, a hidden sense of paranoia. Taurus moons will be those who carefully, slowly cross the t, dot the i, latch all the doors, turn off all the lights, to self-guard against any potential upset. They dislike presenting themselves as anything less than valuable, so they go a great length to avoid mistakes, even though they might smell the roses on the way. At the same time, to engage their senses with pleasurable aspects of life, they will surely and slowly venture out to learn about crafts, music, cuisine, etc.


Taurus moons do not like to venture out of their comfort zones. Once they find their niche in a specific field, they tend to stick to it and attempt to be consistent at what they do. The goal is stability, and too much or too little power would upset such set up. Many Taurus moons are neither interested in leadership positions nor playing office politics; they want a stable job, and go home to a stable life. If leadership positions are given to them, they will, just like with everything else, evaluate their options and choose the ones that will allow them to continue sustaining their comfort zone with their family. Due to their methodological understanding of a subject, Taurus moons tend to have very good memories and do well in technical fields where the tasks at hand entail many details and sequences.


For the most part, a Taurus moon wants to be a stabilizing, comforting force; they want to sustain a safe space for their tribe. Often, they do not feel the need to make too many friends. They tend to have a small group of friends who have known each other for years.

Finding and committing to a partner is a subtly vetting process. And because it takes them such a long time to examine their potential lovers, once they commit to someone, it is a serious matter. If someone cheats on or wrongs them, they will remember for a life time. Since they have guarded themselves from mistakes and regrets, anyone who successfully pushes their buttons will experience the ultimate earth quake.


Taureans are serious about boundaries. Their first response when someone bothers them is to research, evaluate, and process. If they are truly upset, they will put their foot down, because guarding their own boundaries is how they keep themselves in a secure bubble. For this reason, it is rare that someone can really push a Lunar Taurean’s button. However, if really pushed, they will prove that they can drop everything in a heartbeat, so their target can realize how valuable they are and how much they have to offer. It can often present as a threat that your upsetting their sense of security will result in your own chaos. As everyone around them has been so used to being in a calm, supportive bubble, and as the Taurus moon’s reputation for really go to the root of things and achieve quality results, this threat is especially intense and scary. Once the Taurus moon has proven to be dominant, everything is restored to their original state of stability.

Moon in Aries



“Life should be lived on the edge. You have to exercise rebellion: to refuse to tape yourself to rules, to refuse your own success, to refuse to repeat yourself, to see every day, every year, every idea as a true challenge – and then you are going to live your life on a tightrope.” -Philippe Petit

Childhood and Emotional Responses

The moon is at home in Cancer and Aries is ten signs away from Cancer. Lunar Arians thus carry traits that are related to 10th house matters. Often, they were born to parents who are inexperienced in raising kids, or hard-lined disciplinarians who do not allow any room for mushy emotions. Sometimes, the parents might argue a lot, or they were born to single mothers who work three jobs and are constantly in motion. In these households, one is expected to be responsible for one’s own emotions. No excuse. Moon in Aries natives thus learn to deal with their own emotions. What upset them, what make them mad, angry, or sad are their own problems and they very much see other people’s problems the same way.

One’s moon sign does not only reflect one’s upbringing, but also one’s emotional nature. An Aries moon native is often very driven and is interested in having control over his/her environment. Their emotional responses are the combination of how they react to their parents and their own needs. So as driven, demanding individuals with parents who are either young, or always in motion, or always arguing, they learn very quickly to take care of their own problem via quickly identifying challenges and solutions and delving in to resolve problems before they become something more serious.

When there is a problem, an Aries moon will be on fire and everyone needs to get out of the way. There is a sense of urgency and immediacy with these individuals. They are not interested in hearing anyone’s explanation, because they were raised in environments where they have to look out for themselves first and foremost. The problem with this approach is they easily gloss over details, or they could have found a much better solution by listening to others. Aries moons do best when someone challenges their solutions by having an open discussion or debate with them; these natives will gladly admit that they are wrong once convinced that other people are having their interests in mind.


Aries is ruled by Mars. In their careers, as with all other aspects of their lives, Lunar Arians like to win, to stay on top of the game, to be the best at what they do, and to make big statements. They often work well in environments that allow personal freedom, flexibility, and opportunities for them to take an ownership of their work. Many Aries moons are interested in many different topics or subjects; they tend to try them all until they find something they really enjoy, and even then, they do not have a desire to keep up with one career for long. Once a challenge is conquered, they are out looking for the next big thing.


Aries moons often have very volatile relationships with their parents, especially during their teenage years. They usually leave home as early as they can. If the moon is in 4th house or the native has Cancer/Taurus placements, they might stay near their parents but still have their own place. The independence to do what they want, when they want is very important to them. After they move out, their relationships with their family members also improve exponentially.

In friendships, Aries moons like to support and protect their friends. Although they are not willing to nurture and hold others’ hands, they will be very energetic when it comes to organizing events, throwing parties, or aiding someone during crisis. Like all fire moons, Aries moons enjoy companionship with those they admire.

In love, an Aries moon wants to find someone who can keep up with him/her, while also seeing this native as the best. If you want to keep an Aries moon lover, throw them a challenge, give them a chance to be your knight in shining armor (FYI, this applies to both men and women). Also, remember to never tell an Aries moon what to do; explain, debate, argue but avoid dictating or caging them and they will give you the world.


Aries moons like it rough. They are so blunt and playful that at times it seems like nothing will get to them. Often these behaviors are just a cover-up for their sensitive hearts. As demanding individuals, they are easily agitated; however, it is a lot harder to anger them. The Aries moon’s reputation of easily flaring up and letting go is actually just how they behave on a daily basis.

An Aries moon is truly angry when someone put her down, cage her in, try to control or dictate her every movement. The Aries moon natives will get quiet and the ones that have angered them will receive a dead stare. Depending on the native’s mars, this person will approach anger differently; regardless, the Aries moon at this point has been set on a tunnel-vision journey to prove to those who dare to question their fiery hearts.