Moon in Taurus


“All Things in Balance” by TehStr4ngeOnes

“I always think part of success is being able to replicate results, taking what is interesting or viable about yourself as a professional person and seeing if you bring it into different situations with similar results.” – Robert Downey, Jr.

Childhood and Emotional Responses

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. When the moon is placed here, the emotional tides are stabilized by a grounded, methodological approach. The key word here is consistency.

Lunar Taureans often grow up in a stable, traditional home life. The mother and the family in general err on the conservative side. The mothers might stay at home to care for the children, or take on a more docile role. It is very common for Lunar Taureans to grow up in the suburbs, or places where there’s less hassling and hustling. The family absorbs changes slowly, so do Taurus moon natives.

One’s moon sign does not only reflect one’s upbringing, but also one’s emotional nature. A Taurus moon wants to take time to process their feelings, evaluate options, examine carefully before committing to any action. Those natives want to radiate self-worth and values, and believe they deserve comfort and valuable things. So the when a Taurus moon interacts with others, they want to be pleasant and comforting.

When there is a challenge, their first response is to evaluate. In extreme situations, they might shut down and process. Once they have taken their time to understand an event or a challenge, they will have an emotional response. Everything this moon invests in will be completely worth it, because their five senses have contextualized what an item, a project, or a person is made of. Whether it is sadness or anger or happiness, they have pinpointed why such response was prompted and they will take their time in evaluating which actions they should take to reestablish their comfort zone.

There is, due to close examination of a subject, a hidden sense of paranoia. Taurus moons will be those who carefully, slowly cross the t, dot the i, latch all the doors, turn off all the lights, to self-guard against any potential upset. They dislike presenting themselves as anything less than valuable, so they go a great length to avoid mistakes, even though they might smell the roses on the way. At the same time, to engage their senses with pleasurable aspects of life, they will surely and slowly venture out to learn about crafts, music, cuisine, etc.


Taurus moons do not like to venture out of their comfort zones. Once they find their niche in a specific field, they tend to stick to it and attempt to be consistent at what they do. The goal is stability, and too much or too little power would upset such set up. Many Taurus moons are neither interested in leadership positions nor playing office politics; they want a stable job, and go home to a stable life. If leadership positions are given to them, they will, just like with everything else, evaluate their options and choose the ones that will allow them to continue sustaining their comfort zone with their family. Due to their methodological understanding of a subject, Taurus moons tend to have very good memories and do well in technical fields where the tasks at hand entail many details and sequences.


For the most part, a Taurus moon wants to be a stabilizing, comforting force; they want to sustain a safe space for their tribe. Often, they do not feel the need to make too many friends. They tend to have a small group of friends who have known each other for years.

Finding and committing to a partner is a subtly vetting process. And because it takes them such a long time to examine their potential lovers, once they commit to someone, it is a serious matter. If someone cheats on or wrongs them, they will remember for a life time. Since they have guarded themselves from mistakes and regrets, anyone who successfully pushes their buttons will experience the ultimate earth quake.


Taureans are serious about boundaries. Their first response when someone bothers them is to research, evaluate, and process. If they are truly upset, they will put their foot down, because guarding their own boundaries is how they keep themselves in a secure bubble. For this reason, it is rare that someone can really push a Lunar Taurean’s button. However, if really pushed, they will prove that they can drop everything in a heartbeat, so their target can realize how valuable they are and how much they have to offer. It can often present as a threat that your upsetting their sense of security will result in your own chaos. As everyone around them has been so used to being in a calm, supportive bubble, and as the Taurus moon’s reputation for really go to the root of things and achieve quality results, this threat is especially intense and scary. Once the Taurus moon has proven to be dominant, everything is restored to their original state of stability.